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Halloween Sensory Play Ideas - FREE DOWNLOAD

Halloween Sensory Play Ideas Coloured Rice Spooky season is here! With social restrictions still in place, it's highly unlikely that we'll be able to have a little Halloween party with our friends. But that doesn't mean we can't have some sensory play fun to get us into the spirit of things! 

I'm sharing some simple and easy play ideas that you can try creating yourself at home with just a few basic things you can pick up. 

Halloween Play Dough and Cutters - Our Little Treasures


Our new Hocus Pocus play dough pack is a fun set where little ones can mould and create their own ghoulish creatures like carved pumpkins, spooky ghosts and haunted houses. You can also try using Halloween decorations on your play doughs; we used skeletons and animal figurines and stamped them on the play dough to explore texture and create different patterns.  

Halloween Play Dough Play Ideas - Our Little Treasures

I then moulded this haunted house with play dough and rice - it was so much fun putting this together. I sculpted the overall shape out, and then together with Miss A, we used our Halloween play dough cutters to create all the characters. She then invited her frogs and creepy crawlies into the house to play and made up stories about what they were doing - how very witchy! 

Halloween Apothecary Sensory Play Ideas

Another activity I set up was inspired by a play dough activity I created last year. I made some apothecary labels and created a 'potion making' activity using play dough along with wooden loose parts.

Halloween Apothecary Sensory Play Ideas

Halloween Sensory Play Ideas

We had so much fun concocting our own magical elixirs and it was a great activity for Miss A to practise her creative thinking and motor skills.   

Halloween Play Dough Play Ideas

You too can create this fun little activity at home. Download the apothecary labels here. Print them out and use them to label all your mystical ingredients and have fun creating your own magical potions.

Happy Halloween! 

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