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Colour Play Invitation: The Week of Yellow

Yellow Bee Invitation to Play - Our Little Treasures

Continuing on from our orange colour play, this week we focused on the colour yellow! 

Yellow Themed Invitation to Play - Our Little Treasures

To prepare, I went around the house and gathered anything I could find that was yellow - plates, cutlery, play dough, hair ties, rice, popcorn, toys and even fruits! I wanted to make sure I had a variety of everyday objects that Miss A has seen, so she could better associate the colour yellow. 

Yellow Colour Play - Our Little Treasures

I divided up the activities based on different sensory materials. First, was 'everyday things' - like bottle caps, sticks, clips, rubber ducks, building blocks and play dough. I just let followed her cues and let her explore what she wanted. 

Coloured Theme Invitation to Play - Our Little Treasures

For the second day, we focused on painting. So I set up an invitation inspired by her favourite song right now (twinkle twinkle little star) and got our play dough cutters, pom poms and slices of lemon for her to paint with. She thoroughly enjoyed this activity and ended up just using her fingers most of the time.  

Yellow Themed Sensory Play

For the third day, we did a yellow coloured rice activity. I made a flower out of toilet rolls, and stuck it on a cardboard and just guided her to fill in the petals with rice and popcorn! It was such a fun and easy way to practise gross and fine motor skills too and she had a great time scooping the rice....everywhere. 

Yellow Coloured Rice Play - Our Little Treasures

Lastly, we went back to play dough, cause who doesn't love play dough?! 😬 Miss A is having a bit of a corn moment, she loves corn in everythingggggg, so to make it fun, I decided to make a corn on a cob for her. I love seeing her reactions when I make things for her. She always stops and assess it, probably to see if it's something she can eat. But even though she couldn't eat it, she still had so much fun picking it apart, kernel by kernel and creating her own play dough creations. 

Yellow Themed Play Dough Invitation - Our Little Treasures


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