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Orange Colour Play Dough and Rice Play

Coloured Rice Sensory Play - Our Little Treasures

Children can identify colours better by learning about one specific colour at a time. This method allows them to understand what it is they are learning before another colour term is thrown at them.

This way, it gives them something to compare what they've learnt to, and in turn, they learn that there is a difference between colours. 

Think of it like this - you're constantly naming and bombarding your toddler with all the colours of the rainbow and more, then asking them "what's this colour?" You toddler is probably already confused with all the information he/she has received and isn't able to associate the colour to it's name.

Instead, by focusing on a singular colour and asking questions like, "can you give me the yellow car?" or "show me something orange" can make it easier and quicker for them to pick up and name the colour on their own.

Coloured Rice Sensory Play - Our Little Treasures

We had an orange colour themed week, where we played with all kinds of different orange objects. We played with our Tangerine and Peach Play dough and I got Miss A to make leaves and decorate the branches with them.

Handmade Play Dough Play Ideas

Our coloured rice packs are perfect for singular colour method learning! They provide a different sensory experience from colour pencils, paint and play dough and can be used in many ways.

Coloured Rice Play Ideas

This orange rice play was such an easy set up that doesn't require much. 

What You Need: 

  • An image of your choice printed on paper/cardboard
  • Coloured rice
  • Glue
  • Scoop/spoon (optional)

What To Do: 

  1. With the image you have printed/drawn on paper, fill the areas to be covered with glue. 
  2. Let your little one go crazy and sprinkle rice all over the image. 
  3. Dust off excess and enjoy your little artwork! 

What other activities have you tried to help your child master the concept of colours? Share your play ideas with us!

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