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Prickly Play Dough

For today's sensory play activity, I set up a play dough invitation exploring the difference between soft and spikey. Such a fun and super simple idea, just using some play dough and tooth picks! 

Soft and Spikey Play Dough Play Idea - Our Little Treasures

First, I explained to Miss A the difference between soft and sharp. I got her to squish the play dough in her hands and then I gently showed her the sharp edges of the toothpicks. Then, I invited Miss A to stick the toothpicks into the echidna and the bowl of cactus to make the spines.

Play Dough Sensory Play Ideas - Our Little Treasures
It was great to see she wasn't afraid to touch the toothpicks and really had a go sticking them in all over the play dough. She would cautiously pick them up and move them around and even poke herself a few times, and attempt to say something that resembled 'sharp'.
Play Dough Sensory Play Ideas - Our Little Treasures
I didn't have any hesitations letting her play with toothpicks as I've always let her explore and roam around freely, all under supervision. Unless she's in physical danger, I'll wait and let her touch, smell and pull at wherever and whatever her curious mind leads her.
However, you could also do this activity with cotton buds, straws or pipe cleaners and still pass on a similar lesson! 

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