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Learning About Shapes with Play Dough

Learning Shapes with Play Dough

Miss A has shown a lot of interest in this Mini Geometric Shape Puzzle lately. She picks up the different pieces and inspects it and attempt so put it back into the correct place. 

So I thought I'd create an invitation to play that focused on all things shapes.

Play Dough Play Ideas Shapes

It tied in perfectly as I had just made these simple flash cards for her with the name and image of each shape so she could learn to visually recognise all the different shapes. 

While she can't read yet, I think these flash cards would be a great learning tool which she can most definitely grow into. 

I just printed them on paper and stuck them on cardboard (cause I know how destructive she can be). I also wrapped them in clear tape as play dough tends to stick to paper and as she grows, she can also use them to learn to draw the shapes with a whiteboard marker and it will be easy to clean off! 

For now, I used them to show her how some of the shapes from the puzzle matched the images on the card.

Play Dough Play Ideas

We also made the shapes with play dough and used the puzzle pieces as stampers. It was an easy and fun activity and a great way for her to practise her fine motor and cognitive skills by pushing and pulling out the pieces into the play dough and moulding the dough in her hands. 

Learning Shapes with Play Dough

If you'd like a copy of these flash cards, you can download a copy of it here.

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