Brand Profile: Qtoys Australia

We're really excited to be stocking a selected range of toys from QToys. We've been following them for awhile and have admired their range of wooden toys. These products are multi-functional and can grow with your child. We love that their toys can be used in many different ways and alongside different mediums, (like our play doughs and coloured rice) to promote learning through play. 

Wooden Letter Tracing Board QToys Australia

QToys is an Australian owned company that prides itself in making exceptional educational toys that stand the test of time. What we love about their products is that they encourage self-learning through fun and educational play. Each one of their toys has a specific educational function which can help foster the physical and mental development of a child.

QToys are also made from sustainably sourced wood and adhere to the highest safety standards, so you can rest assured that even the littlest of hands will be safe playing with QToys products. 

Qtoys Australia Wooden Puzzle

Our range of products will grow over time so check back to see our latest additions. 

We're constantly searching for passionate toy makers from around the world who we can work with. If you know of any small businesses or if you yourself make something you think we'd like, get in touch with us!

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