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Why You Should Read to Your Baby

We've always read to Miss A since she was born. Yes, even though she didn't understand what we were saying and couldn't even sit still long enough to finish a short book, we have always made reading a priority.

When Miss A was about 6 months old, we bought her different kinds of animal flash cards we could show and teach her. Then as she became more mobile, we bought her some realistic looking animal figurines we could use to supplement her learning. I would only choose a few animals for the week and continually emphasise those animals for that week. She became really inquisitive about them and after a couple of months, she could mimic the sounds and understood which animal I was referring to.

I believe exposing children from a young age to different kinds of books and reading materials is an important part of their development. It can help with their language skills, they will enjoy all the visuals and colourful imagery, and they'll begin to make the association of what you're reading to what they see. If nothing else, babies will just love hearing the sound of your voice.

Jo Collier Flash Cards


I fell in love with these beautifully illustrated nature inspired flash cards by Jo Collier when I first saw them. The artwork is stunning and I know we're going to get a lot of use out of them as Miss A grows. We've mostly just used the Alphabet flash cards to learn about animals, but I'm really excited to start teaching her the alphabets and number recognition with the Number flash cards when she's ready.

Jo Coller 123 Flash Cards

As I was launching Our Little Treasures and looking for items I could stock on our shop, I knew I definitely wanted to have these. Designed and printed in Australia by artist Jo Collier, all the artwork found on the flash cards are original and created by Jo herself.

Inspired by her daughters love and growing interest to learn more about nature, each card represents nature's delight and is a true work of art. I love that the Alphabet flash cards come with fun facts on the back, because it's never too late to learn something new. 

Jo Collier Flash Cards Singapore

These flash cards are suitable for so many age groups and are really great learning aids. they'll just be pieces you'll treasure for a long time. Shop the range here


Images from Jo Collier. 

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