Decorating Doughnuts Sensory Play

Doughnut Sensory Play Coloured Rice Play Dough

We're learning a different letter each week and for this week, we're learning the letter D. To make it fun for Miss A, I'll usually create different activities that relate to the letter, so for this week, one of the activities I planned was all about d-d-doughnuts! 

Using play dough, coloured rice and paper plates, I invited Miss A to make and decorate her own doughnuts!  

Doughnut Sensory Play Coloured Rice Play Dough

We rolled, patted and squished play dough into doughnuts and then went crazy with the sprinkles - today we used coloured rice and pipe cleaners.  

Doughnut Sensory Play Coloured Rice Play Dough

Not only was this a simple play set up and extremely fun for toddlers, it also provides an excellent learning opportunity for role playing, fosters imagination and creative play.

Take turns being the customer and a baker and ask for specific toppings. Ask your child to describe what kind of doughnut they like, what toppings they prefer. Use different words like 'more, less, first, next' to expand vocabulary and introduce the idea of sequencing.  

Hope you enjoy making some delicious doughnuts! 

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