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Benefits of Playing With Coloured Rice

It's colourful, fun and oh so messy. But then again, the best things usually are. Coloured rice can be daunting for some parents (all those rice grains!) and I get it. Honestly, a few months ago I was having major anxieties watching Miss A toss rice around so casually. We don't have an outdoor area for her to do her sensory play so we've set her up right in the living room. So everything goes everywhere - on the ground, under (and in) the sofa, on the dog.....EVERYWHERE.

Coloured Rice Sensory Play

But over time, little by little, I started to let go. It's not easy, my inner OCD still freaks out just a bit, but by taking a few deep breathes and focusing on how happy she is makes it all better. 

Coloured Rice Sensory Play - Our Little Treasures

Children learn best when all their senses are engaged. That's why sensory play and exposing your child to different textures during play time allows them to explore without any rules or limitations and improves imagination and creativity.

Coloured Rice Sensory Play - Our Little Treasures

So if you're looking for another medium to introduce to your child, why not give coloured rice a go!

Coloured Rice Sensory Play Ideas - Our Little Treasures

Why should you incorporate coloured rice into play:

  • Helps improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and their pincer grip as they scoop, pour, and pick at every rice grain.
  • Children can use rice to learn about colours. Especially our rice jars which is great for focusing on specific colours. 
  • Can enhance language development. For those with older kids, ask your child to describe how the rice feels in their hands, or what it smells like. Prompt conversation and exploration with questions like, "What would happen if we did....", or "How much would fit into this....",
  • Great to use in small world play. Build scenes, use in story telling.
  • Exposes children to different textures which can help them differentiate between hard and soft, dry and wet etc. 

Coloured Rice Sensory Play Ideas - Our Little Treasures

Ready to get into rice play? We've got you sorted with a jumbo bag of rainbow rice which is great for all kinds of free play. Or if you're looking for specific colours, we've got them individually packed too.

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