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How To Encourage Play With Building Blocks

Building blocks are a must have in any play room. They teach endless developmental concepts and present hours of open-ended fun and creative play. 

Children can also learn to develop their motor skills, balance, spatial awareness and hand/eye co-ordination by frequently playing with building blocks. 

We love that there is no age limit for playing with building blocks. It's something that children of all ages can enjoy, even parents can get in on the building fun too!  

Wooden Building Blocks Play Ideas

Looking for some fun ideas on how to encourage play? Here are some ideas to help get you started with incorporating building blocks into your child's play. 

Ways to encourage creative play:

  • Have your child sort pieces by colour, shape and/or size. Ask them to analyse and compare the groups - which has more? Which has less? What are the differences?  
  • Build two structures that are nearly the same. Get your child to point out the differences and ask them to make the two structures identical.
  • Encourage imagination by prompting your child to make something creative; make the biggest bridge, a spaceship or a busy town. 
  • Use other toys. Cars, wooden trees, mountain stackers to create fun small world play scenes.   

Benefits of Playing With Building Blocks

Ready to get started? Our 60-piece building blocks set is a great starter kit for young children. The various shapes and sizes in this set will help develop motor skills and creativity as children explore all the different things they can make. Comes packed in a cotton bag for easy storage and perfect for life on the go! 

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