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Outer Space Play Dough Set

A special play dough pack that includes all new colours inspired by the dark reaches of space; from our home Earth to the mesmerising Milky Way and beyond. Little explorers can have their own space adventure and hours of outer space sensory play fun! 

This set includes:

  • 6 x 200g jars of play dough in our special Outer Space play dough range
  • Small bag of glitter  

Outer Space Play Dough colours

  • Earth (blue/green) - scented with green apple
  • Milky Way (black with blue/pink) - scented with lychee 
  • Cosmic (red/purple) - scented with honeycomb
  • Sun (yellow with a red core) - scented with lemon
  • Nebula (light blue/purple) - scented with honeydew
  • Moon (grey marble) - scented with vanilla 

If you'd like your play dough to be unscented, please choose unscented before adding to cart. 

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